Can I make a booking on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can make a booking for yourself or someone else. Another person can also make a booking for you.

How to pay

Can I only pay by credit card online?
No, you can also pay using Twint, Google Pay and Post E-Finance. 

Entering and exiting with a QR code

What do I need the QR code in the booking confirmation for?

The QR code is your entry and exit ticket. Hold the QR code to the scanner at the entry barrier (see picture in e-mail). Once the booking data have been checked, the barrier opens automatically. No ticket is issued. 

Changing a booking

Can I change my booking?

Yes, you can change your booking at any time. Once you have entered the car park, you can extend your booking, but not shorten it.

Cancellation and reimbursement

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking. Cancellation is free of charge if you have cancellation insurance. If you do not have cancellation insurance, you may not claim a refund for the amount.

Discount code

Where can I redeem the discount code?

If you received the discount code through a campaign or newsletter, you can use the direct link in the e-mail. You can also simply enter the discount code in the "Discount code" field when making a booking.

Car park

How do I find the car park I have booked?
The booking confirmation contains a Google Maps link to your car park. You will find a map of the car parks at Zurich Airport here:


How can I charge my electric car at Zurich Airport?

There are two options for charging your electric car:

  1. Park & Charge zone in P6 on level 6. Here, you can charge with an output of up to 11 KW.
  2. GOFAST fast-charge car park right next to the BP filling station at the Circle. Here, you can charge with an output of up to 300 KW.

Outside parking spaces

What outside parking spaces are there?
At the moment, P60 is our outside car park. You can find the current products on our booking platform. 


How can I subscribe to the Parking newsletter?
Follow this direct link to subscribe to the Parking newsletter: 


Where can I get help?

Our customer service will be happy to help you with any questions about your booking. Please contact us using the contact form. We are happy to answer your questions.