New spotters’ platform at the airport delayed


With the resumption of the “Zone West” construction project at Zurich Airport, there are also plans to replace the “Heligrill” spotting point with a viewing platform a little further to the north. Now, a neighbouring forest owner has submitted an appeal against this plan, which will considerably delay the project.

New aircraft stands are currently being created in Zone West at Zurich Airport. To accommodate these, the temporary “Heligrill” spotting point built in 2017 has to be relocated. The plan is to build a new viewing platform a little further to the north – closer to the runway intersection – as a viewpoint for spotters. The long-established Heli snack stand will also be moved to the same location.  

However, owing to an appeal by the owner of an adjacent forest, which is currently pending at the construction appeals court, the project has been delayed. In September, the existing “plane spotters’ hill” will be dismantled as planned as part of the Zone West construction project and the Heligrill snack stand will be closed at the end of October. When and whether the new spotter platform can be built and the snack stand reopened at the new location is not yet foreseeable due to the pending appeal. 

Flughafen Zürich AG regrets that it is now unable to assure airport spotters of a seamless transition from “plane spotters’ hill” to the platform. However, the paved area earmarked for the new spotters’ platform is still accessible.

Locations of other spotting points around the airport 

Flughafen Zürich AG remains committed to building the spotters’ platform at the planned location.

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