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Experience nature – in the Park

A unique meeting and recreation area for visitors, employees, residents and passengers alike.

Pure nature

With a wide range of visitor attractions and its own guided tours, the Park is an additional destination for your excursion to Zurich Airport. In the midst of an urban business world, with an extensive selection of restaurants, shopping and services, as well as the ever-present fascination of flying, the Park offers a unique opportunity to experience nature.

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Set within 80,000 square metres of natural beauty, the park entices visitors with a range of attractions. Where nature reserves and the urban airport environment meet, discover locations both in the forest or in the open.

Sky platform
sky platform
At the highest point in the Park, the view reaches beyond the Circle. On a clear day, it extends all the way to the Alps. In the summer months, clouds are reflected in the water's surface and a gentle mist creates a cooling atmosphere. In winter, the platform is illuminated by lamps, producing an unrivalled atmosphere.
Ranger Tour

Discover the flora and fauna of the Park

Book a Park Safari with our Zurich Airport Rangers

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More information about the Park

The Park is open to the public 365 days a year. Access is via the Circle, from where guests can use the Park cable car or walk up via the many paths. The operating hours of the Park cable car are currently limited.

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