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observation deck

Experience air traffic up close – from the observation decks

Keep track of take-offs & landings from the best viewpoint: our observation decks.

Observation Deck B

Due to the Corona crisis, please note the following:

From 26 November 2020 to 28 February 2021 the Observation Deck B is closed.

Globally unique

Observation Deck B in the public area of Zurich Airport is one of Switzerland's most popular destinations for a day out and is globally unique. The location offers excitement and fascination for airport aficionados young and old.
The observation walkway allows visitors to watch the pilots in the cockpit. Flight information pillars provide you with everything you need to know about the various aircraft and their flight destinations.
Observation Deck B also features a «mini airport», a play area for children. It features slides and see-saws as well as an Aircraft and a control tower.

Information about Observation Deck B

To comply with distancing regulations and ensure that visitors enjoy a pleasant and safe visit, the following restrictions currently apply.

Security check
Due to distancing regulations, there may be longer waiting times at the security check at the entrance to Observation Deck B. Please plan enough time for your visit.
Aviolino café and bar

Food and beverages at the Restaurant Aviolino

Ready for a break on the Observation Deck B? The Restaurant Aviolino offers a range of delicious hot and cold snacks as well as refreshing beverages. Sit back and relax.

Go to Restaurant Aviolino
  • By car and cars taller than 2 metres
  • By minibus and coach (pdf, 1.5 MB / German only)
  • By train, tram or bus
  • Map - Guided bus tours (pdf, 2.4 MB)

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